Care notes for exotic and tropical plants

Tropical and exotic plants are sent bare root or rootballed.
They must be planted upon arrival and watered to allow the soil to settle in around the roots and eliminate air pockets.


Pandorea Pandorana (Wonga Wonga): Native to all states of Australia except Western Australia, they consisting of three species.
They are best grown in multi purpose compost which will allow the plants to establish.
Once new growth can be seen they are tolerant of poor and dry soil.
The Wonga Wonga vine is a climber with fine to coarse pinnate leaves.
The flowers are usually creamy white with a purple throat.
Needs winter protection as not fully hardy.

Datura Alba (White angel trumpets):
Datura is related to the brugmansis family.
They are known as angel trumpets as the flowers look like large trumpets.
They flower regular in mid summer and each 'trumpet' can get over 20cm long.
The best way to grow the plant is in a large tub or container of multipurpose compost and feed every couple of days with tomato feed.
Can be grown outside and given full sun and feed will flower all summer.
To get an even bushier plant it is best to remove the growing tip when the plant is the height you like.
They are best supported if grown tall to avoid the flowers pulling them over.
Over winter is best done in a cool greenhouse or even easier to collect the seeds and grow a new plant next spring.
When these are for sale in garden centres they have been forced and are now in flower.
The plant supplied is grown in the UK and have been hardened off outside for the last couple of weeks.
On arrival of the plant please pot up and feed regularly to get more growth and flowers.
The plants have been pruned to give a bushier plant.
They are very fast growing and at this size are the ideal way to get one established and flowering for a longer period.
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