GA3 application guide

This is a general guide to get you started
For the stimulation of germination of difficult seeds, a solution of 100-250 parts per million (ppm) will be enough, in practical terms, the quantity supplied will mix up to 500ml of solution.
One capsule will make up approximately 0.5ltr of solution.
To mix up the solutions, place the capsule in a small 3ml of iso propyl alcohol.
It is advisable to use a jar with a lid as it makes it easier to shake the contents.
After shaking the jar, let it stand for half an hour and if any sediment is seen at the bottom of the container shake the contents again.
Repeat until no sediment is seen in the jar.
The ga3 is now ready for dilution, add the correct amount of pure water.
Seeds of Byblis gigantean and Roridula dentate, a stronger solution will be needed; this will then make up 200ml of solution.
Seeds should be soaked for 24 hrs.
For breaking the dormancy in Sarracenia ssp., tuberous Drosera, etc., soak the seeds in GA3 for 24 hrs before potting up.
It is best to wrap the seeds in kitchen paper before soaking to avoid the seeds from floating.
There is no need to make up all the GA3 into a solution at once unless required -
GA3 is unstable in solution, and will lose efficacy in 2 to 4 weeks, even if refrigerated.
Always store GA3 in a refrigerator to retain potency - at room temperature it will degrade in a few weeks.

Although GA is not listed as a 'poison', the following precautions should be observed, flush with water any GA that may get into the eye.
Avoid skin contact if possible and wash away any contact with soap and water.
Avoid ingestion of GA.

A.I.Content 91.3%
Loss on Drying 0.2%
Specific Rotation +84 DEGREE
Heavy Metal (pb) <0.0040%
Pb Content <0.0010%
As Content <0.0003%
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